X Files Poster Official


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  • A4 size (width x height) : 8.27 inch x 11.82 inch (21 x 30 cm)
  • A3 size (width x height) : 11.82 inch x 16.54 inch (30 x 42cm)
  • Waterproof ink
  • High quality: Kraft paper

The X Files poster official shows Dana Scully and Fox Mulder seemingly looking at something that is other dimensional 

Ready to take a leap of faith and believe in the mystical, paranormal, and otherworldly? Get ready to explore the mysteries of the universe with our mythcial poster! This awesome piece of decor will have you feeling transported to another world, while adding a touch of mystery and mysticism to your home. Hang it up and be ready to explore what lies beyond!

The X-Files is a powerful series full of truth. But beware, as sometimes truth is even stranger than fiction! 

Spread the truth about the universe, with the¬†X Files¬†poster official!¬†ūüĎĹ

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