Alien Plushies

Welcome to our Alien plushies collection. These unique accessories will decorate any room in your home. They will bring joy and happiness to your children.
We have gathered on this page the best science fiction franchises:

  • Stranger Things
  • Star Wars
  • Stitch
  • Alien

Don't wait any longer and have a look at our collection!


All our original plushies have a soft and silky texture. They are pleasant to touch and easy for children to handle. The Ufologists in our community have really appreciated the cute Alien plush. These products have become very popular with Americans.

Children love to play with these cute and adorable plushies. Adults can also find Alien plushies that are perfect for decorating their homes or offices. We offer a wide variety of characters like the Chestburster, Facehugger...

Each plush has its own characteristics. They will quickly give you a feeling of well-being and comfort because they are made exclusively with soft and fluffy materials. The bright colors and cute patterns make our products very attractive. We are sure you will find the limited edition model that suits you. 


At Alien Shopping delivery is free. Our team takes care of sending the product to your home. Without further ado we invite you to discover our Alien backpacks collection!