Avatar Blanket

Welcome to our Avatar blanket collection. We have designed a range of products based on this science fiction franchise.

The story takes place on a distant planet called Pandora. Humans have colonized the place in order to exploit its natural resources. The main character is a disabled former marine. He pretends to be a Na'vi thanks to his genetically modified clone. The goal is to establish a communication with the natives.

Jake Sully will later betray the humans and defend the Omaticaya clan.
The Avatar franchise has been a commercial and critical success. It addresses themes of environmental responsibility, cross-cultural understanding and difficult moral choices in a futuristic science fiction setting.


We designed each visual based on the characters and environments. Alien Shopping is committed to ensuring our customers' satisfaction by providing them with quality products. That's why we have set up a service that checks each order before delivering it. Our commitment doesn't stop there. We strive to continue to improve our products so that you can express your passion.


At Alien Shopping delivery is free. Our team takes care of sending the product to your home. Without further ado we invite you to discover our Avatar birthday collection!