About US

Five years ago, my brother Alix and I saw a strange metallic block floating in the sky through our dining room window. It was physically impossible for us to look away, but we were not afraid at all. It was a moment of wonder. Motionless, the UFO dematerialized and then gradually materialized from the left to the right. It disappeared after a few minutes.
This fascinating experience made us ask many questions. What does it look like? How do aliens communicate? Why would they decide to come to Earth?
That's why in 2022 we decided to share this passion by creating Alien Shopping, a store specialized in the sale of jewelry, accessories and clothing.


We want to promote our discoveries and our interest in UFOs. Our values are sharing and respect for all individuals.
To do so, we have designed this store entirely dedicated to these strong principles.
Moreover, we want everyone to be able to express their passion through our high quality items.



Fox Mulder: «Every new truth begins as a heresy and ends as a conspiracy. We fear the unknown so we tame it by reducing it to a disease, a legend or a conspiracy. »
These few words perfectly represent the state of mind of our brand, which can be found in each of the products in the store. 


We work very closely with suppliers located in America and Asia.
We select only quality items and we make it a point of honor to offer a selection of original and unpublished visuals in each collection.
Join our community now and find your happiness among our selection of products!