Star Wars Cosplay Lightsaber


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ā€¢ High quality, extremely realistic

ā€¢ SN PIXEL blade color:Ā 22 blade effects

ā€¢ SN PIXEL Sound:Ā 27 soundfonts

ā€¢ RGB Sound:Ā 4/5/10 Set Sound Fonts

ā€¢ RGB Blade Color:Ā RGB 12 Colors

ā€¢ Hilt Size:Ā 27cm

ā€¢ Hilt Material:Ā Aluminum Alloy

ā€¢ Features:Ā Flash on Clash/Blaster/Smooth Swing/Combat

ā€¢ Battery:Ā 2000mah, USB Cord/Type C to Charge (it is recommended toĀ use 5V,1A charger)


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OurĀ Star WarsĀ cosplayĀ lightsaber isĀ a tremendous asset for you and your costume

Join the intergalactic fight and awaken the Jedi within you!Ā 

This amazing play weapon is sure to bring out the child spirit in you, perfect for Star Wars fans and anyone looking for a unique gift. With top quality materials and impressive design, you'll be ready to duel in no time with this must-have item!

Become a true Jedi with theĀ Star WarsĀ cosplayĀ lightsaber!Ā šŸ‘½

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