Sad Alien Mini Backpack

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‚ÄĘ High quality¬†polyester

‚ÄĘ Size:¬†30*24*10cm (11.81*9.45*3.94")

‚Äʬ†Perfect as a schoolbag for your kid

‚Äʬ†Comfortable and safe to wear

‚ÄĘ 3D digital printing


This sad alien mini backpack represents a grey alien seeking to leave the Earth

Are some aliens trapped on our planet? It could very well be. Think of the movie Men In Black for example. The idea that planet Earth is a trap, or a prison, is also a disturbing theory that many researchers hold. Do some research, and try to discern the truth my friends!

If you want to join us on the adventure and help help humanity awaken to the very truth of otherworldly beings' existence, then this backpack is made for you!

Spread the truth about the Universe, with the sad alien mini backpack!¬†ūüĎĹ

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