Funny Pickle Rick Tank Top

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  • High quality with elastic properties
  • Soft and comfortable
  • 3D digital printing
  • Polyester, organic cotton and elastane
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This funny Pickle Rick tank top represents a hilarious twist on an iconic character!

Behold the brilliance of Pickle Rick, the cucumber conundrum that had us all in stitches. This tank top features our favorite mad scientist's pickle alter ego in all its absurd glory. The design is a stroke of genius, perfectly capturing the essence of Rick's wild escapades.

This tank top is the ultimate conversation starter, and a testament to the fact that sometimes, the weirdest ideas are the best ones. Snag your Funny Pickle Rick tank top now and pickle-fy your wardrobe!

Go on an adventure with the funny Pickle Rick tank top​​​​​! 👽

* Please do not forget to check our size table : as the tank top sizes quite small, we recommend to take one size larger just to be safe! *

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