ET Movie Backpack

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ā€¢ High quality cotton and polyester

ā€¢ Size: 42*32*14cm (16.5*12.6*5.5")

ā€¢ Comfortable to wear

ā€¢ 3D digital printing


This ET movieĀ backpackĀ represents one of the most famous films made by Steven Spielberg

This Steven Spielberg movie is mythical. It participated heavily inĀ putting the alien question to the front. The film seems to imply that after all, extraterrestrial beings could live in harmony among humans. Maybe this is the case, or maybe this is purely fiction, but it is undeniable that this movie creates a powerful effect upon us. We chose to pay tribute to the movie by selecting the most beautiful picture, and adding it to the design. Awesome, right?

If you want to join us on the adventure and help help humanity awaken to the very truth of otherworldly beings' existence, then this backpack is made for you!

Spread the truth about the Universe, with theĀ ET movieĀ backpack!Ā šŸ‘½

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