Avatar 2 Painting

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  • Small size (width x height): 19.69 inch x 9.85 inch
  • Medium size (width x height): 39.38 inch x 21.66 inch
  • Large size (width x height): 59.06 inch x 31.5 inch
  • Extra large size (width x height): 78.75 inch x 39.38 inch
  • High quality : "Canvas" printing
  • Lightweight picture that is easy to hang on the wall

The Avatar 2 painting represents the title of a film

Audiences enjoyed discovering a richly detailed extraterrestrial world, populated by fascinating creatures and unique cultures. It's worth noting that the film was a huge commercial success and left a lasting imprint on popular culture.

Go on an adventure with the Avatar 2 painting! 👽

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