Reptilians and Alien Beings Caught Live

Reptilians and Alien Beings Caught Live

Welcome to the world of paranormal research, where the truth is often stranger than fiction!

In recent years, a number of videos have surfaced that show beings that resemble reptilians and other alien creatures caught live. These sightings have led to a flurry of speculation about what these beings might be and where they come from. Some people believe that they are extraterrestrial in origin, while others believe that they are interdimensional beings that exist outside our realm of understanding. 

We found many videos depicting very strange creatures, some of them reptilians, other alien-like. So sit back, get your favourite tea or coffee, and enjoy our "Reptilians and Alien beings caught live" article!

"This May Be Too Strange For Most To Watch"

One of the most intriguing aspects of these sightings is the fact that many of them appear to be glitches in the matrix. In other words, they are moments when the veil between our world and another seems to thin, and we catch a glimpse of something that we were not meant to see. Some of the most compelling videos show individuals who appear to be human but who suddenly shift into reptilian or alien-like forms. These videos have led to a number of conspiracy theories about secret societies and government cover-ups.

Perhaps the most well-known conspiracy theory about these beings is the idea that some politicians and high-ranking people could be reptilians disguised as humans. This theory posits that these beings have infiltrated our society and are secretly controlling the world behind the scenes. While there is no concrete evidence to support this theory, it has gained a following among those who believe in the paranormal and the supernatural.


Reptilians desguised as human beings, or human beings possessed by reptilian entities?

Another intriguing aspect of these sightings is the appearance of humans with slit pupils. While some people dismiss this as a trick of the light or a camera artifact, others believe that it is evidence of possession by a reptilian entity. This is another example of the many strange and unexplained phenomena that surround these beings.

In the video compilation below, you will see a number of strange occurrences caught on camera. Some of these beings look distinctly reptilian, while others are less easily defined. Whatever your beliefs about the paranormal and the supernatural, there is no denying that these sightings are both fascinating and unsettling. They remind us that there is still much we do not understand about the world around us and the universe beyond.


Are reptilians "demons in human form"?

The idea of reptilian beings living among us has been a topic of discussion for many years, and the concept has been explored in depth within the realm of paranormal research. While some people dismiss the sightings of reptilian beings as a product of a vivid imagination, others believe that these beings may be demonic entities in human form.

The reptilian theory introduces an element of intrigue, notably spotlighting instances where certain humans, including figures like Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth, have been observed with slit pupils. While some attribute this phenomenon to genetic aberrations or the natural aging process, an alternate perspective posits a more esoteric interpretation—suggesting evidence of possession by demonic entities. Within this framework, the notion contends that these individuals transcend human identity, portraying themselves as demons cleverly masquerading as human through enigmatic technologies yet to be understood.

There are a number of reasons why people believe that reptilian beings may be demonic in nature. For one, many of the sightings of these beings involve violent or malevolent acts, which is consistent with the behavior of demons in religious texts. Additionally, many people who have claimed to have encountered these beings report feelings of terror, dread, and a sense of evil in their presence.

It is also worth noting that the idea of demons taking on human form is not a new concept. In fact, it is a common theme in many religions and mythologies. In Christian theology, for example, the Devil is often portrayed as a serpent, which could be seen as a form of reptilian entity.


Hybrid underwater mermaid-like beings and other creatures 

One piece of evidence for reptilians, among many others, is a video that purportedly shows Joe Biden's eye switching to a reptilian eye during a public appearance.

The video has sparked heated debate online, with some claiming that it is evidence of Biden's true nature as a reptilian being. Others argue that the video has been doctored or is simply a trick of the light. Regardless of its authenticity, the video has captured the attention of many in the paranormal community and has reignited the discussion around the reptilian theory.

In addition to the purported sightings of reptilian beings in human form, there have also been reports of strange mermaid-like creatures being discovered in various parts of the world. These creatures are said to resemble a cross between a human and a fish, and have been described as horrific and otherworldly.

Some researchers believe that these creatures may be underwater reptilian beings that have managed to evade detection by humans for centuries. Others speculate that they may be the result of genetic modification experiments taking place in secret facilities and during secret projects.


Ogopogo legend, Reptilians wearing human-like suit, and bizarre events

One famous example of these underwater creatures is the legendary Ogopogo of Lake Okanagan in Canada. The creature is said to resemble a giant serpent or sea monster, and has been sighted by numerous eyewitnesses over the years. While some dismiss these sightings as hoaxes or misidentifications of other creatures, others believe that Ogopogo is evidence of an underwater reptilian being that has managed to evade detection by humans.

In addition to the reports of underwater reptilian creatures, there have also been some bizarre events that have been recorded on video. For example, footage has surfaced showing Pope Francis seemingly disappearing into thin air, as if he had teleported from one location to another.

There have also been reports of strange behavior by humans that suggest they may not be human at all. In one video, a person appears to be wearing a mask or false human suit, which they then tear apart like latex. While some speculate that these are simply performance artists or special effects, others believe that these are actual examples of reptilian beings revealing their true form.

The paranormal community continues to search for evidence of reptilian beings, and these sightings and events only add to the intrigue and mystery surrounding the theory.


Reptilian beings at the Vatican, and shapeshift witnessed on video

A video has been making the rounds in paranormal circles, showing what appears to be a humanoid figure with lizard-like features walking among priests in the Vatican. While some have dismissed the video as a hoax or a case of mistaken identity, others believe that it is evidence of reptilian beings infiltrating human society.

The Vatican itself has long been the subject of conspiracy theories, with some speculating that it is at the center of a New World Order or that massive satanic rituals are taking place underground. 

The Vatican, with its long history of secrecy and power, has become a focal point for many of these theories, and the video of the lizard man walking among priests only adds to the mystery and speculation surrounding the institution. As with all paranormal phenomena, the truth may never be fully known until we leave the Earth, but the search for answers continues. 

This video compilation also features a man speaking to a ghost, and a kind of demonic being going "out of someone". We live in very interesting times, where they veil is becoming thinner and thinner! Exciting and scary times to live in. Biblical for sure. 


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In conclusion, the world of paranormal research is full of mysteries and unexplained phenomena. The sightings of reptilian and other alien-like beings caught live are just one example of the many strange things that surround us. While some people dismiss these sightings as hoaxes or camera tricks, others believe that they are evidence of something far more profound. Whatever your beliefs, the videos in the compilation below are sure to leave you wondering about the nature of our reality and the universe beyond. 

In any case, we hope you enjoyed ou "Reptilians and alien beings caught live" article. Please stay tuned for more, as we will be publishing more of these in the future. In the meantime, feel free to check our article about World War 3 and Aliens


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