Will World War 3 Involve Aliens?

Will World War 3 Involve Aliens?

There has been much talk on the internet about the possibility of a global conflict happening soon. The world is currently facing many issues, such as political instability, economic crises, and social unrest, which could lead to a potential war. Additionally, with more and more UFO sightings being reported around the world, it raises the question of whether aliens could play a part in the next global conflict or if they will try to avoid it altogether.

Will World War 3 involve aliens? That is what we will try to discuss in this article!

A Global Conflict between the West and the East

The world has seen its fair share of major conflicts, and unfortunately, history seems to repeat itself. The cold war between the US and the Soviet Union was one of the most significant conflicts of the 20th century. Recently, tensions between China and Russia against the West have been increasing, leading to concerns that we could be on the brink of another global conflict. With the possibility of another major war, it's worth considering whether aliens could get involved or not. Imagine nuclear power in the hands of malevolent extraterrestrial being...

Project Blue Beam, or how governments masquerading as aliens could intervene in the war with advanced technology

Project Blue Beam is a "theory" that suggests the government could use a staged alien invasion to stop a war artificially and create a New World Order. The idea behind this theory is that governments could use advanced technology to create a false alien invasion that would make the population think that the world is under attack. The theory also suggests that the elite would use this event to promote their own agenda, creating a one-world government. This would lead to people accepting the elite's agenda, allowing them to control the world.

The Hegelian dialectic "Problem, reaction, solution" is also relevant to this theory. The government creates a problem, such as a global conflict, which creates a reaction from the population. The government then presents a solution, in this case, a fake alien invasion, which the population will accept, leading to a new world order. The war would be a tool, and the elites would eventually stop a war between countries by all fighting a common fake enemy. This looks like a diabolic plan, and hopefully this is just a theory. But we should still keep this in mind to avoid being lied to in the future!


War against Aliens as Depicted in Movies

Movies have always been a source of entertainment and imagination, and many movies have depicted the possibility of war with aliens. Two movies that come to mind are "They Live" by John Carpenter and "Mars Attacks."

In "They Live," Carpenter depicts an alien invasion where the aliens control the population by manipulating their minds through subliminal messages. The movie has a strong political and social message about the dangers of giving up our free will to authority figures. This raises the question of whether the elites can use the film industry to implant bits of truth about the future or whether whistleblowers can use movies to reveal foreseeable events. Maybe there is already a war going on against aliens possessing human beings, or masquerading as humans to control them.

Within the cinematic realm of "Mars Attacks," extraterrestrial visitors assume a menacing and belligerent demeanor, launching unprovoked attacks on Earth—a recurring motif in alien invasion films, where humanity confronts the imperative of defending its home planet from extraterrestrial perils. Yet, amidst the prevalent narrative of hostile encounters, a lingering query arises: what if the aliens harbor no aggressive intent? What if their aspirations lean towards peaceful coexistence with humans? A multitude of speculative scenarios unfolds, prompting contemplation on the potential dynamics of interspecies relations.

In navigating these hypothetical scenarios, a note of caution emerges, urging mindfulness toward the prospect of encountering beings possessing superior advancements. Analogously, as humans manage livestock, the consideration arises—might advanced extraterrestrial entities treat humanity in a manner akin to our relationship with terrestrial creatures? The exploration of such speculative avenues invites reflection on the complex dynamics that could unfold in the event of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.


Are Aliens Already Ruling the World?

There are theories that state that aliens are already ruling the world through the manipulation of the elites. Some people believe that these aliens have been controlling human history for thousands of years through astral and other dimensional manipulations. The theory suggests that the elites of the Earth are in communication with these aliens and that they are working together to control the world.

While this theory may seem far-fetched, it raises interesting questions about the possibility of life beyond Earth and the extent to which they may have influenced human history. However, it is still very hard to know the exact, precise truth as it is very hard to obtain "scientific" evidence.

There is a documentary made by Bernard Guenther, german researcher, about this theory that is quite brilliant. Please check it out:


In conclusion, the idea of aliens playing a part in a potential World War III is intriguing, but it is also important to stay grounded in reality. While movies and conspiracy theories can be entertaining, it's essential to seek the truth and approach these topics with a critical mind. The truth may be out there, but we must be careful not to let our imaginations run wild. As we face the challenges of the future, it's essential to remain open-minded and approach these topics with a healthy dose of skepticism. It is also important to be prepared for the worst, as sometimes truth is stranger than science fiction... Difficult to know what the future holds for us! 

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