Avatar Retro Poster

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  • A4 size (width x height) : 8.27 inch x 11.82 inch (21 x 30 cm)
  • A3 size (width x height) : 11.82 inch x 16.54 inch (30 x 42cm)
  • Waterproof ink
  • High quality: Kraft paper

Immerse yourself in the magic of Avatar as you relive the journey of Jake Sully and Neytiri!

Two souls from different worlds united by destiny. The Avatar retro poster captures the essence of their love and the struggle for harmony in a visually striking representation. The poster evokes emotions of wonder, awe, and a longing for a deeper connection with our natural surroundings.

This poster makes for an ideal decoration piece, suitable for various occasions. Whether you're a die-hard Avatar fan, a collector of cinematic art, or simply looking to add a touch of ethereal beauty to your space, the Avatar retro poster is the perfect choice. Hang it proudly in your home theater, living room, bedroom, or even your office to ignite conversations and inspire imagination.

Spread the truth about the universe, with the Avatar retro poster! 👽

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