Alien Costumes

Welcome to our Alien Costumes collection! Here you will find original costumes, cosplays and masks for the main Alien races, as well as some unique accessories. If you are a fan of the unknown, and if you like to ponder about what hides in the Universe, you are in the right place!


You will be able to embody your favorite aliens with our costumes and accessories found among the best suppliers. Our costumes are ideal for events such as carnivals, conventions and other activities. In fact, anyone who wants to frighten the hell out of their friend during a Halloween party can find a variety of high quality costumes, both for men and women in our Alien Costumes collection. You will also be able to awaken the rising Earth conscioussness, by touching on a very deep subject with many layers.

Beyond words, ethereal, extraordinary, amazing and otherwordly are words that best describe our collection!


All our products are controlled by our quality department to offer durable clothing that will keep its appearance over time. We offer many different unique models so you can find the rare pearl that satisfies you!
If you are a fan of X-Files, or if you want to fight for the very truth that alien abductions do really happen, you can choose our Gray Alien Mask for example! 

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