Why Is Rick And Morty So Popular?

Why Is Rick And Morty So Popular?

For several years now, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's unique style has been shaping our screens in the form of a grandfather and grandson traveling through a multiverse of realities, each more absurd than the last. Rick and Morty has become a staple of geek culture. Discover 13 good reasons to (re)immerse yourself in the series!

In this blog article, we will ask ourselved the question: Why is Rick and Morty so popular?

1. For its extraordinary animation

The hallmark of Rick & Morty lies in its distinctive animation style. While the character designs may exude simplicity, the intricate detailing of the sets bestows upon the series an unparalleled atmosphere. Within each episode, meticulously crafted sequences unfold, seamlessly transporting Rick and Morty into alternate realities. This artistic endeavor results in a plethora of creative clothing and T-shirts, available in the store for enthusiasts.

Attempting to envision Rick & Morty as a film adaptation proves to be an implausible endeavor, as the very essence of the work hinges on the medium of animation. The series, masterfully curated by its artistic team, harnesses the full spectrum of possibilities offered by animation, pushing boundaries to yield a psychedelic outcome—sometimes disconcerting, always enchanting. The animated tapestry of Rick & Morty stands as a testament to the team's unwavering commitment to exploring and expanding the visual and creative potential of the medium.

2. For its expansive universe

The advantage of working with a multiverse comes into its own when the main character can travel between dimensions. Anything becomes possible: an amusement park created in the body of a homeless person (Anatomy Park), a perfect, harmless world where you can drop off your daughter when the egomaniac in you finds her too cumbersome (Froopyland)... No two episodes are alike; it's hard to go round in circles and get bored with so many ideas to explore!

3. For character development

While being a humorous animated series, Rick and Morty offers characters with real arcs of progression. Rick, a profoundly nihilistic man, moves from existential crisis to existential crisis, torn between the lonely, cantankerous old man he wants to be and his deeply human nature, which demands attention and admiration. Morty, a silly fourteen-year-old in the first episodes, faces a difficult realization about the value of his own life and that of others. As for Beth, she has to come to terms with the way she was raised, without relativizing or demonizing her father, while trying not to be just a daughter of and mother of. A trio of characters who create both a family story and reflections on the societies they encounter.

4. For the intellectual challenge

All these elements create a gigantic jigsaw puzzle, interweaving messages hidden by the scriptwriters, false leads, theories to be confirmed or disproved... Like other series, such as Gravity Falls, you can spend hours dissecting and noting details to elaborate long proposals and debate with a very active community. All the same, Rick & Morty is well done, and allows you to simply relax if this kind of exercise doesn't suit you.


5. For its wry humor

A cynical work, the series alternates between highly intelligent humor, including meta-physical jokes, and a more basic but reliable form of humor: scatological jokes. In this way, the reflections on society and the sometimes distressing plots of the darker episodes are always put into perspective by the pervasive humor, making a Rick & Morty session a few pleasant hours of relaxation in a colorful universe. This medium also offers a fine example of humor that works without needing to be sexist, racist or oppressive!

6. A fun way to list references

Rick and Morty is also an ode to geek culture and cinema. The name of the series itself is derived from Doc and Marty from Back to the Future. There are puns as well as well-known stereotypes ridiculed: Rick is the brilliant but undrinkable genius taken to the extreme, and many episodes exploit the time-travel or bandit-movie genres.

We have collected a list of references for you! 

Total Recall

Guardians of the Galaxy

Animal Farm

Indiana Jones 


American Nightmare

Jurassic Park


Ghost Busters

Starship Troopers

The A-Team

Mad Max

Adventure Time

7. Because our environment shapes us

Imagine a world full of tragedies, brought to us 24 hours a day by television. A world where wars are raging, your purchasing power is dwindling and the environment is under serious threat.

With such a picture, which TV series is best suited? Rick and Morty.

8. Because it's a cathartic series

It would be wrong to reduce Rick and Morty to a series about a selfish madman and his timid grandson. The madness and mania of the characters makes us laugh as much as it reminds us of our own problems!

Cartoons and films in general have always had an escapist value, and Rick and Morty is no exception. For twenty minutes, you're out of your own world.

9. Because it is such a guilty pleasure

Rick isn't exactly a "nice" character. He's egotistical, alcoholic, crazy, mean and his depression makes him do a little (a lot) of everything.

But then, sometimes in the midst of cynicism, we feel like Rick. We understand him, and it's a little shameful to think that, in the end, he's not as monstrous as we might think.

10. Because the series is contrasting

Contrast on many levels! Rick is a genius inventor with crazy ideas that are impossible to realize in real life (or contact me). At the same time, he's a fairly realistic depressive. The series shows us that depression is not constant. Sometimes Rick is cheerful, and sometimes the wave of depression drowns him again.

11. It's just too funny!

You don't have to analyze the series like I just did to agree: Rick and Morty is just too funny. We laugh when Rick prefers to turn himself into a pickle rather than go to family therapy. We laughed when Rick sent Jerry packing and we laughed when Morty turned into a car at school. We laughed when Mr Meeseeks's box, normally completely infallible, had a bug because of Jerry!


12. A sci-fi gem that unveils profound truths about the human condition

With its blend of dark humor, sci-fi adventures, and intricate storytelling, the show has garnered a massive fan base and critical acclaim. But beneath the surface of witty banter and outrageous adventures, Rick and Morty delves into profound truths about the human condition, exploring themes ranging from existentialism and nihilism to the nature of reality itself. In this article, we will unravel the layers of depth in this extraordinary series and shed light on its exploration of various disciplines such as quantum physics, philosophy, and the universe.

Quantum Physics and the Multiverse:

One of the central concepts Rick and Morty boldly confronts is the multiverse theory, derived from the principles of quantum physics. Within the show's narrative, multiple dimensions exist, each with its own version of Rick and Morty. This exploration of parallel universes not only creates endless possibilities for the show's storytelling but also raises profound questions about the nature of reality and the choices we make.

Through the adventures of the titular characters, Rick Sanchez, an eccentric and alcoholic genius scientist, and his naive grandson, Morty Smith, the series challenges our conventional understanding of reality. It highlights the existence of an infinite number of possibilities and presents the idea that our lives are constantly influenced by chance, branching paths, and the consequences of our actions. By doing so, Rick and Morty encourages viewers to contemplate the vastness of the universe and our place within it.

Existentialism and Nihilism:

Existentialism and nihilism are recurring philosophical themes within Rick and Morty. Rick, as a character, embodies an existentialist perspective, questioning the meaning and purpose of life. He challenges traditional notions of morality, religion, and societal constructs, often adopting a nihilistic viewpoint that argues life has no inherent meaning.

Through Rick's unyielding cynicism, the show confronts viewers with the absurdity of existence, forcing them to question their own beliefs and search for meaning in a seemingly chaotic and purposeless world. This exploration of existential and nihilistic philosophies pushes the boundaries of animated storytelling and challenges the audience to grapple with their own existential dilemmas.

The Complexity of Emotional Intelligence:

Rick and Morty doesn't limit its exploration to abstract concepts alone but also delves into the intricacies of emotional intelligence. The strained relationship between Rick and his family, particularly his daughter Beth, son-in-law Jerry, and granddaughter Summer, offers a window into the complexities of human emotions and familial dynamics.

The series illustrates the emotional toll of Rick's genius and detachment from conventional human connections. It examines the consequences of his actions and the impact they have on those closest to him. Rick's struggles with vulnerability and his inability to express love and affection create a poignant commentary on the human condition, emphasizing the importance of emotional connection and the consequences of emotional detachment.

13. Rick and Morty is simply awesome

Rick and Morty is much more than a hilarious animated series. It transcends the boundaries of conventional storytelling and serves as a vessel for exploring profound truths about the human condition. Through its inventive use of science fiction, complex narratives, and philosophical undertones, the show encourages viewers to ponder existential questions, confront their own beliefs, and contemplate the mysteries of the universe.

By seamlessly blending comedy, tragedy, and thought-provoking concepts, Rick and Morty has carved a niche for itself in popular culture. It challenges viewers to question their place in the vast cosmos, confront the limits of their own understanding, and appreciate the complexity of the human experience.

Whether you're a fan of animated shows or an enthusiast of philosophy, quantum physics, or existentialism, Rick and Morty offers a rich tapestry of ideas and perspectives that leave a lasting impression. Its ability to entertain, educate, and inspire has solidified its place as a cultural phenomenon, cementing its status as one of the most intellectually stimulating animated series of our time.

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